Tucked away in the heart of Ocracoke village, Bella Fiore Pottery is a delightful find for any Ocracoke visitor and art lover who is on the hunt for something wholly unique. Specializing in handcrafted pottery but offering a world of distinctive goodies for shoppers of all tastes, this charming shop is always worth a look to discover a selection of talented artists who call Ocracoke Island home.

Bella Fiore Pottery is renowned for its handmade pottery, which is crafted by local artist Sarah Fiore on the premises, and which can range from stunning dishes and cookware to one-of-a-kind pieces of sculptural art. But the gallery offers a lot more than just the exquisite pottery, and art fans will also find stunning jewelry pieces, hand blown glass, mixed media artworks, watercolors, sumptuous bath and body products, silk mobiles, and so much more. Shoppers will want to take their time and linger to uncover all the unique pieces on display, and the artworks are always changing, which makes every visit a new and fun adventure. Known as a charming shop that has plenty to discover, Bella Fiore Pottery is a great addition to the lively, colorful, and always unique arts scene on Ocracoke Island.

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