Natural Selections is a hemp shop that is dedicated to offering natural products including clothing and soap.

The soaps are mesmerizing. Enjoy the fragrance of cedarwood, lemongrass, peppermint, orange cinnamon, warm clove, orange chocolate, rosemary and lavender! Natural Selections has been making all natural bath soaps on Ocracoke Island for over ten years and only use the finest vegetable oils and pure essential oils for fragrance and their therapeutic benefits. The scents don’t stop with soaps. They have a selection of small, medium and large aromatherapy candles. In addition to all natural hemp products, they carry bamboo, soy, tencel, organic cotton, flax linen, silk and wool items.

You can purchase scenic island prints and jewelry and music here, as well.  Enjoy bath and body products. Pick up a coffee mug, hemp tea towel and sun catchers all with a nature twist. Dive into their great selection of shoulder and tote bags. You can make purchases online or at the shop.

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