Douglas Hoover is an eclectic painter who enjoys using bright colors to paint scenes of Ocracoke Island. His passion is capturing his impressions of life. He employs an impressionistic style and strong composition to capture what he calls, the feeling of the moment.  Hoover works to establish emotional content and a sense of truthfulness in his work whether capturing boats, fishermen, vacationers or pets. His portfolio is broad also including urban scenes and black and white sketches of people. No matter what he is depicting, he employs strong drawing skills and fine sense of color. You can view his large body of work online year round or visit Harborside Motel Gift Shop. in Ocracoke May 1-Nov. 14 to see originals, prints and cards in person! The Harborside works are mesmerizing depicting evening and day scenes with a strong sense of light and contrast. Hoover is masterful at creating atmosphere, and it is unusual to see paintings set under evening skies!



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