Ben Cherry, aka BLACKBEARD

BB's Skull & Crossbones Blackbeard's Calling Card

Ben "Blackbeard" Cherry has shared Colonial America and the Caribbean's most colorful moments in history with over 400 schools, museums and youth groups. He is exciting to adults and children with his entertaining approach to history.

You may see Ben at festivals and special events in any of the communties along the coast(s) --from Norfolk, to the Grand Caymans, to Seattle .......wherever the King of Pirates is needed.

BB's Skull & Crossbones Ben has been a major contributor to our Blackbeard project, lending his years of research and experience.

For More Information:
119 West Water St.
Plymouth NC 27962

Office Phone/Fax: (252) 793-4544
Home Office Phone: (252) 793-5166

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Ben Cherry, aka BLACKBEARD

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